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Re: [osol-discuss] Re: GNU ld -shared fails to link filtered symbols on

From: Rod Evans
Subject: Re: [osol-discuss] Re: GNU ld -shared fails to link filtered symbols on Solaris
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2006 21:45:25 -0800
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Rod Evans wrote:

Martin might have to add some c stub functions to his builds so that
his libraries provide non-ABS filter symbols in the mean time.

Arrr, but then the gnu linker probably doesn't grok symbol filter
definitions from a mapfile, so the sc tub trick wouldn't provide
much use would it.  Sorry.

chaz 940.. cat xxx.c
void foo(){}
int bar = 1;
chaz 941.. cat mapfile
                foo = FILTER yyy.so;
                bar = FILTER yyy.so;
chaz 942.. cc -G -o xxx xxx.c -Mmapfile
chaz 943.. elfdump -y xxx | egrep "bound|foo|bar"
     index  flags            bound to                 symbol
       [6]  F            [0] yyy.so                   bar
       [7]  F            [0] yyy.so                   foo
chaz 944.. elfdump -sN.dynsym xxx | egrep "foo|bar"
       [6]  0x000103b0 0x00000004  OBJT GLOB  D    0 .data          bar
       [7]  0x000002d0 0x00000005  FUNC GLOB  D    0 .text          foo


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