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Re: ld section merging on aix

From: Douglas B Rupp
Subject: Re: ld section merging on aix
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 14:11:20 -0800
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Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Doug,

.debug_* sections of the same name aren't getting merged in the executable.

Try looking at the linker script that is being used. You may need to add explicit entries for the debug sections.


Thanks, that was a useful suggestion that got me out of a rut.

I've found that arbitrary named sections aren't supported on COFF. So-called named csects get put willy nilly into .text or .data based on the suffix, e.g. DB in .csect .debug_info[DB] is a .text suffix.

Adding the dwarf names into scripttempl/aix.sc made no difference in the output. Could be I just haven't found the right incantation yet. I'm continuing to study and experiment.


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