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[Bug binutils/3826] elf_object_p can't tell freebsd object file from sta

From: hjl at lucon dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/3826] elf_object_p can't tell freebsd object file from standard ELF object file
Date: 4 Jan 2007 19:52:08 -0000

------- Additional Comments From hjl at lucon dot org  2007-01-04 19:52 -------
(In reply to comment #7)
> > The standard ELF target is always built. ld/configure.tgt has
> I have been refering to bfd/config.bfd, file where I wanted to modify 
> targ_selvecs. It contains
> i[3-7]86-*-freebsd* | i[3-7]86-*-kfreebsd*-gnu)
>     targ_defvec=bfd_elf32_i386_freebsd_vec
>     targ_selvecs=i386coff_vec

It doesn't work due to ld. I got

address@hidden ld]$ ./ld-new -V
GNU ld version 2.17.50 20070104
  Supported emulations:
address@hidden ld]$ ./ld-new -r -m elf_x86_64 mri.o
./ld-new: target elf64-x86-64 not found
address@hidden ld]$ 

In anycase, it doesn't hurt to ENABLE elf_x86_64 and elf_i386.



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