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[Bug binutils/3535] GNU strip 2.17 corrupts Sun CC/cc binaries (ld issue

From: psfales at alcatel-lucent dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/3535] GNU strip 2.17 corrupts Sun CC/cc binaries (ld issue?)
Date: 7 Mar 2007 20:28:43 -0000

------- Additional Comments From psfales at alcatel-lucent dot com  2007-03-07 
20:28 -------
Seeing another problem with 2.17.  Not sure if it's related or should be a new

We build thunderbird and firefox from source, and install it with stripped
shared libraries to save space.   Thunderbird- was stripped with 2.16.1
and worked fine, but after upgrading to and incidentally stripping with
2.17, users started complaining about core dumps.   

The problem occurs on both Solaris-sparc and solaris-x86 and seems to be related
to stripping with 2.17.  If I don't strip the libraries, it works fine.   If 
I then strip libprldap50.so with 2.16.1, it also works.  (Just that one file -
verything else is unstripped.) But if I strip that file with 2.17, thunderbird
still starts up, but attempting to LDAP operations results in a  core dump with
the message:

ld.so.1: /opt/exp/lib/thunderbird/lib/thunderbird-
fatal: relocation error: symbol not found: prldap_install_routines: referenced
in /opt/exp1/lib/thunderbird/lib/thunderbird-

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