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Re: 'final link failed: Bad value' when building Linux/MIPS kernels.

From: Paul Koning
Subject: Re: 'final link failed: Bad value' when building Linux/MIPS kernels.
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 09:09:39 -0400

>>>>> "Steven" == Steven J Hill <address@hidden> writes:

 Steven> Greetings.  I have been chasing down a binutils regression
 Steven> that is preventing me from building a Linux/MIPS kernel using
 Steven> a gcc-4.2 based toolchain. Here is the snippet of output when
 Steven> building a 2.6.12 kernel for my platform:

 Steven>      LD      drivers/mtd/maps/built-in.o
 Steven>      LD      drivers/mtd/nand/built-in.o
 Steven>      LD      drivers/mtd/built-in.o
 Steven>    mipsel-linux-uclibc-ld: final link failed: Bad value
 Steven>    make[1]: *** [drivers/mtd/built-in.o] Error 1
 Steven>    make: *** [_module_drivers/mtd] Error 2

I've run into the same message when building things for a NetBSD/MIPS
target.   I had assumed it was some error on my end.  

The problem with this message is that it is completely content-free.
It doesn't contain a meaningful problem statement, and it doesn't say
anything at all about where the problem is.  It doesn't even indicate
what input file triggered the problem!   How is a user supposed to fix
a failed build when this error message appears?  


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