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Re: Cross compilation for openldap

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: Cross compilation for openldap
Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 16:55:07 +0100
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Hi Soelawin,

           I tried to do cross compilation for arm on i386-pc-linux using
uclibc for arm-linux platform. Now I got a cross compilation error, let me
know how to solve this prob. my configuration for openldap is as follow:

This is not the mailing list for problems with openldap. This is the binutils mailing list for reporting problems with the linker and assembler.

ucgendat.o: could not read symbols: Files in wrong format

The most likely cause for this problem is that ucgendat.o is being read in by the wrong tool. (eg the native linker rather than the arm cross linker). I suggest that you check your paths and logs and find out where the wrong tool was selected and then fix it.


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