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Query - GNU 2.17 ld

From: Vijaya N Malkapuram
Subject: Query - GNU 2.17 ld
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 20:24:54 +0530


I am facing a problem w.r.t  symbols originating from .gnu.linkonce.r
sections. I am using g++4.0.3 and 2.17 linker.

Errors of the type :
`.gnu.linkonce.r._ZTS7TI_ListI16TI_VoidPtrListElE' referenced in section
`.data' of /Mgc_home/shared/lib/librxl.a(ti_cktrep.o): defined in discarded
section `.gnu.linkonce.r._ZTS7TI_ListI16TI_VoidPtrListElE' of

I thought that all the .gnu.linkonce sections are blocks with SHF_GROUPS.
However, .gnu.linkonce.r (and .gnu.linkonce.d  ?) sections are not.
And, in the .data section, if there are any data relocations that are
generated for the symbols originating from these sections, 2.17 linker
doesnt accept this and doesnt create the output.
I wanted to know if this is the desired behaviour or is this a bug ?  I
notice in the bfd/elflink.c, you are checking for such sections in
elf_discarded_section. I am not sure if .gnu.linkonce.r and .gnu.linkonce.d
sections  are also discarded.

Thanks & Regards

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