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[Bug binutils/4701] binutils generates invalid klibc-based binary on Lin

From: j at bitron dot ch
Subject: [Bug binutils/4701] binutils generates invalid klibc-based binary on Linux x86_64
Date: 27 Jun 2007 07:20:42 -0000

------- Additional Comments From j at bitron dot ch  2007-06-27 07:20 -------
I don't have Fedora here but you should be able to reproduce it as follows on
any Linux x86_64 system with binutils

Download and extract klibc-1.5,

Download and extract linux-2.6.21 within the klibc-1.5 directory and rename the
linux-2.6.21 subdirectory to "linux".

Setup the kernel headers: make include/linux/version.h && ln -s asm-x86_64

Call make in the klibc-1.5 directory to build klibc and utils.
Install the library: cp usr/klibc/klibc-*.so /lib
Run umount: usr/utils/shared/umount

This should display the usage of umount with a correctly working binutils
version and display "Killed" with a binutils version affected by this bug, e.g.
binutils Tested with gcc-4.1-20070528 and gcc-4.2-20070620

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             Status|WAITING                     |NEW


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