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Bug report - bug in arm-elf-ld.exe - intenal error

From: Zídek Štěpán
Subject: Bug report - bug in arm-elf-ld.exe - intenal error
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 13:48:28 +0200


I have found a bug in arm-elf-ld version 2.15. This linker was invoked via 
arm-elf-gcc version 4.0.0. You can see full command line in file LINKIT.BAT in 
the attachment of this mail. The linker returned internal error and asked me to 
report a bug (see file LINKIT.LOG), so I do it. I send all files needed for 
linking in the attachment. The linker was executed on Windows XP Professional, 
version 5.1, Service Pack 2. I think the problem is caused by using -R switch. 
I have also tried to run arm-elf-ld version 2.17, but the result was the same. 
Would you be so kind and have a look on it?

Thank you.

Stepan Zidek

P.S.: If you delete file exekutiva.elf and run batch file LINKIT.BAT, the 
linker reports error message "undefined reference". That is OK, because for 
example symbol "d0" is contained in exekutiva.elf and if it isn't found, the 
linker  cannot find symbol "d0" and linking cannot be done. However, it would 
be better to report message "file not found".

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