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[Bug ld/5276] New: relax is not yet perfect. fails linking large c++

From: oliver at linux-kernel dot at
Subject: [Bug ld/5276] New: relax is not yet perfect. fails linking large c++
Date: 6 Nov 2007 14:57:18 -0000

Last time I tried rebuilding firefox rpm from Fedora on my Alpha it
failed with some relocation problems like this:

... relocation truncated to fit: GPREL16 against symbol ...

(Build log: http://buildsys.zero42.at/koji/getfile?taskID=53055&name=build.log)

I know this error very well, because I've seen it many times when using relaxed
binutils, especially when linking large c++ stuff.

So to prove this, I today tried to build firefox again and a similar
problem occured. After the failed build I added -Wl,--no-relax to my LDFLAGS.
Well, you can expect what happened: It finished building. It - of course - took
longer to build, but worked...

Do you need any input? I'm willing to give ssh access to the build machine if
that helps!

           Summary: relax is not yet perfect. fails linking large c++
           Product: binutils
           Version: 2.17
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: ld
        AssignedTo: unassigned at sources dot redhat dot com
        ReportedBy: oliver at linux-kernel dot at
                CC: bug-binutils at gnu dot org
 GCC build triplet: alpha-redhat-linux
  GCC host triplet: alpha-redhat-linux
GCC target triplet: alpha-redhat-linux


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