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Re: [Bug gas/5269] New: Cryptic Note-messages to translate in gas-2.17.9

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: [Bug gas/5269] New: Cryptic Note-messages to translate in gas-2.17.90.fi.po
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2007 11:29:29 +0000
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Hi Jorma,

The first problem here is "gprs". It is actually GPRs or "General-Purpose 
isn't it?


The next problem here is "Note". When I checked with my favorite online
dictionary, it provides 22 different meaning for "Note". Usually context shows
what is the meaning of a single word, if there are alternatives, but with these
short msgids you can't even be sure, if "note" is noun or verb. Actually, when I
checked with the present translations, it looks that our French and Spannish
translators have supposed that in this context word "note" is verb, something
like "Note that...".

This would actually be correct.  The proper meaning of say:

  Note 32 gprs are used


  Set the flag bit in the header of the generated file that indicates
  that this binary was compiled to only use the first 32 general purpose

This is a bit wordy for a usage message, so maybe we can agree on something shorter. How about:

  Mark generated file as only using 32 GPRs.

Would this be easier to translate ?

The following problem is number 32. PowerPC processors include 32
General-Purpose Registers, but why to tell it?

Err, we are talking about the FRV processor here, not the PowerPC.

And are there any processors that
have 64 General-Purpose Registers?

Some hardware implementations of the FRV core have 64 general purpose registers, others only have 32. Hence the purpose of the flag bit is to let the program loaders on FRVs which only have 32 GPRs detect binaries which are unable to be run.


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