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Re: [Bug gas/5457] INTOUCH instruction incorrectly disassembled.

From: Nick Clifton
Subject: Re: [Bug gas/5457] INTOUCH instruction incorrectly disassembled.
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2007 09:19:03 +0000
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Hi Jonathan,

PS. Incidentally it would be great if you could include a new gas testsuite test

It certainly would, but as I explained early on, I don't quite know how
to do this. I'll try to use some existing test case as a model and see
what I can do.

It should be quite simple. See gas/testsuite/gas/m68k/mcf-trap.[sd] as an example. The source code goes in the .s file and the expected disassembly goes in the .d file. The comments at the start of the .d file actually control how the .s file is assembled and how it is disassembled afterwards.

Once you have created those two files all you need to do is to add a line to the gas/testsuite/gas/m68k/all.exp file to run the test. It should be obvious from reading it how this is done.

Meanwhile, support for coldfire in GDB looks pretty borked too. Before I
go duplicating effort, does anybody know who is maintaining GDB and
binutils coldfire?

The binutils maintainers are documented in the file binutils/MAINTAINERS. Officially the m68k maintainers are Ben Elliston and Mark Kettenis. I am the chief binutils maintainer so you can always ping me as well. Or if you prefer one of the people with global write privileges can always be approached.

Similarly the GDB maintainers are documented in gas/MAINTAINERS and Mark Kettenis is noted as being the official m68k gdb maintainer.


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