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[Bug ld/5652] genscripts.sh fails with BASH_LINENO

From: vincent dot riviere at freesbee dot fr
Subject: [Bug ld/5652] genscripts.sh fails with BASH_LINENO
Date: 25 Jan 2008 22:55:37 -0000

------- Additional Comments From vincent dot riviere at freesbee dot fr  
2008-01-25 22:55 -------
- SVR2 (1984):
           - shell functions (sh)

I didn't find any documentation about POSIX. But bash --posix knows about 
functions. And dash (ash) knows it, too (without the function keyword).

I really think this patch is good and harmless.
I put the test in a function because the BASH_LINENO (a bash builtin) exists 
only in functions ! And as the original code uses functions, it doesn't matter 
to add one more.

The original code uses the BASH_LINENO trick in order to produce #line 
statements about the original em file into the generated C file. If BASH_LINENO 
is available, the script use it. If not, it does not produce #line. The 
BASH_LINENO trick is absolutely not mandatory. It just helps to get better 
error report when there is a compilation problem in the em file.



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