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[Bug ld/6468] ld: --export-dynamic fails if no undefined symbols

From: drow at false dot org
Subject: [Bug ld/6468] ld: --export-dynamic fails if no undefined symbols
Date: 29 Apr 2008 18:14:49 -0000

------- Additional Comments From drow at false dot org  2008-04-29 18:14 -------
Subject: Re:  New: ld: --export-dynamic fails if no undefined

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 05:59:42PM -0000, jreiser at BitWagon dot com wrote:
> If there are no undefined symbols then there is no Dynamic section, no
> DT_SYMTAB, and no DT_HASH/DT_GNU_HASH; and --export-dynamic fails silently.  
> So
> there is no way to have a module (ET_EXEC or ET_DYN) that has no undefined
> symbols, yet exports some of its own symbols for use by other modules. 

I don't think this is true for ET_DYN.  Have you tested that?  It's
not related to undefined symbols; it's caused by not linking an
ET_EXEC against any shared libraries.

This is solved by the --force-dynamic option in the VxWorks port of
ld.  The feature was not desired for other targets so the option is
restricted to VxWorks.



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