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[Bug ld/7023] ld is unable to link 32 bit libffi.so on gcc mainline: Mem

From: ebotcazou at gcc dot gnu dot org
Subject: [Bug ld/7023] ld is unable to link 32 bit libffi.so on gcc mainline: Memory exhausted
Date: 13 Nov 2008 19:12:31 -0000

------- Additional Comments From ebotcazou at gcc dot gnu dot org  2008-11-13 
19:12 -------
> Unfortunately, the relevant section
>   We recommend the use of GNU binutils 2.14 or later, or the vendor tools
>   (Sun as, Sun ld). Note that your mileage may vary if you use a combination
>   of the GNU tools and the Sun tools: while the combination GNU as + Sun ld
>   should reasonably work, the reverse combination Sun as + GNU ld is known to
>   cause memory corruption at runtime in some cases for C++ programs.
> is relatively vague.

What's vague exactly?

> Anyway, the two other cases I tried (GNU as + Sun ld and GNU as + GNU ld)
> worked resonably well when comparing testsuite results to the Sun as + Sun
> ld baseline.  Only the Sun as + GNU ld case broke in several respects: this
> PR + ld/7027 + GCC PRs libgomp/38086 and libstdc++/38092.

Yes, it's effectively unsupported, hence my message.

> Unfortunately, I need at least one configuration as a baseline for a proper
> fix for GCC PR bootstrap/33100.

I don't see why, you don't need a baseline for a bootstrap problem.

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