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ld patch to prevent uninitialized data in TI COFF output

From: jnielsen
Subject: ld patch to prevent uninitialized data in TI COFF output
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2008 14:43:32 +0100

The attached patches correct an issue that exists in ld when the object 
code format is TI COFF.

The problem is that struct external_scnhdr in ti.h define two members, 
s_reserved and s_page, which are not always set before the section header 
is written to the output. The output file in TI COFF works nicely except 
that subsequent ld invocations may produce files which are not identical. 
I have for instance seen the length of the output file name affect the 
resulting values of s_reserved and s_page.

Please consider these patches for future binutils releases.

I found the problem in an older version of binutils but have verified that 
these members remain unset in the CVS head revisions. The patches are 
relative to the CVS head revisions as of today, coffcode.h rev. 1.144 and 
ti.h rev. 1.18.

Johan Olmutz Nielsen

--- coffcode.h.1.144    2008-12-06 12:45:12.393963200 +0100
+++ coffcode.h  2008-12-06 12:57:45.576987200 +0100
@@ -3528,6 +3528,8 @@
       section.s_size =  current->size;
 #ifdef coff_get_section_load_page
       section.s_page = coff_get_section_load_page (current);
+      section.s_page = 0;

 #ifdef COFF_WITH_PE

--- ti.h.1.18   2008-12-06 12:51:52.609444800 +0100
+++ ti.h        2008-12-06 12:56:26.503284800 +0100
@@ -321,6 +321,16 @@
     }                                                                  \
    while (0)

+/* The entire scnhdr may not be assigned.
+   Ensure that everything is initialized.
+ */
+  do                                                                   \
+    {                                                                  \
+      memset((EXT), 0, sizeof(SCNHDR));      \
+    }                                                                  \
+   while (0)
 /* The line number and reloc overflow checking in coff_swap_scnhdr_out in
    coffswap.h doesn't use PUT_X for s_nlnno and s_nreloc.
    Due to different sized v0/v1/v2 section headers, we have to re-write 

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