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gprof histogram support for more than 16 bits?

From: Brian Grayson
Subject: gprof histogram support for more than 16 bits?
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 20:28:51 -0600
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  There are times when it would be Really Convenient for gprof to
support a histogram bucket that was 32 bits wide instead of 16
bits.  (Performance monitors, simulators, etc.)

  Last time I added this support locally, it amounted to about
200 lines of patches, but my patches don't support both 16-bit
and 32-bit at the same time without a recompile of gprof, so it
will need some rework before folding it in.

  Is this something that anyone would be interested in
using or integrating?  I'm about to bring my patches up to
date yet again...

  Brian Grayson

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