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[Bug gold/7091] Internal error on object generated by gnuld

From: ian at airs dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/7091] Internal error on object generated by gnuld
Date: 12 Dec 2008 16:44:54 -0000

------- Additional Comments From ian at airs dot com  2008-12-12 16:44 -------
This crash means that there is a section symbol attached to an input merge
section, but the input merge section was apparently not mapped to any output
section.  That means that we do not know what value to give to the local symbol.
 I'm not sure offhand what could cause that to happen.

This most likely does not have anything to do with .text vs. .gnu.linkonce.t, as
those are not merge sections.  Merge sections are sections with the SHF_MERGE
flag, printed as an M flag by readelf -S.

If you print object->name() in Output_section::starting_output_address you will
see which file has the problem.  The problem section is section 1960 in that
file.  It might help to see the output of readelf -S --wide --full-section-name
for that section.



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