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[Bug gas/9687] Weak symbols not working on mingw32

From: tcl_de at gmx dot net
Subject: [Bug gas/9687] Weak symbols not working on mingw32
Date: 21 Mar 2009 09:39:41 -0000

------- Additional Comments From tcl_de at gmx dot net  2009-03-21 09:39 -------
Dave, you should probably have a look at
In that bug, you can see how the interix people dealt with the problem... (they

The way I understand what the GNU extension really is, is that gas automatically
renames the original function to .weak.##nameoffunction##. and creates a weak
extern ##nameoffunction## refering to .weak.##nameoffunction## which makes
##nameoffunction## a normal pecoff weak external

The requirement that sym2 is always linked is met in my testcase because the
weak extern/symbol definition is in the same object file as sym2. (otherwise
link.exe would probably not link my object files...)

So as far as I can understand that problem all of this should theoretically also
work in gnu as and ld. 



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