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[Bug gold/10098] New: gold 2.19.1: internal error in map_to_kept_section

From: stefan dot becker at nokia dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/10098] New: gold 2.19.1: internal error in map_to_kept_section, at object.cc:1587
Date: 24 Apr 2009 06:06:23 -0000

gold aborts while linking a large C++ program with debug info. If the same
program is compiled without debug info the final link goes through OK.

I'm not sure if this is important: a small part of the code is
pre-compiled/pre-linked with another version of GCC that doesn't use gold.

My problem sounds similar to the following post on the binutils mailing list:


Here is the gdb backtrace (binutils compiled with -O0):

(gdb) cont                                                                      

Breakpoint 1, gold::Sized_relobj<32, false>::map_to_kept_section (
    this=0xaba71d0, shndx=69, found=0xbffe1bc3)                   
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/object.cc:1587                  
1587          gold_assert(os != NULL && offset != -1U);           
$3 = (class gold::Output_section *) 0x0                           
$4 = 4294967295                                                   

(gdb) l
1582        {
1583          gold_assert(kept->object_ != NULL);
1584          *found = true;
1585          Output_section* os = kept->object_->output_section(kept->shndx_);
1586          Address offset =
1587          gold_assert(os != NULL && offset != -1U);
1588          return os->address() + offset;
1589        }
1590      *found = false;
1591      return 0;

(gdb) bt                                                          
#0  gold::Sized_relobj<32, false>::map_to_kept_section (this=0xaba71d0, 
    shndx=69, found=0xbffe1bc3) at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/object.cc:1587
#1  0x0805db9d in relocate_section<32, false, <unnamed>::Target_i386, 9,
<unnamed>::Target_i386::Relocate> (relinfo=0xbffe1cb0, target=0x96bcc10,       
    prelocs=0xb8083310 "vk\002", reloc_count=3238, output_section=0x9753390,    
    needs_special_offset_handling=false, view=0xb085de1b "&#65533;\v",          
    view_address=107322265, view_size=259282)                                   
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/target-reloc.h:237                            
#2  0x0805df58 in relocate_section (this=0x96bcc10, relinfo=0xbffe1cb0,         
    sh_type=9, prelocs=0xb807fb70 "\006", reloc_count=3238,                     
    output_section=0x9753390, needs_special_offset_handling=false,              
    view=0xb085de1b "&#65533;\v", address=107322265, view_size=259282)          
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/i386.cc:2374                                  
#3  0x08142309 in gold::Sized_relobj<32, false>::relocate_sections (            
    this=0xaba71d0, address@hidden, symtab=0xbffe3730, layout=0xbffe35a4,  
    pshdrs=0xb6bc2c84 "", pviews=0xbffe1d58)                                    
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/reloc.cc:782                                  
#4  0x08142c6a in gold::Sized_relobj<32, false>::do_relocate (this=0xaba71d0,   
    address@hidden, symtab=0xbffe3730, layout=0xbffe35a4, of=0xbff50c0)    
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/reloc.cc:486                                  
#5  0x081363de in gold::Relobj::relocate (this=0xaba71d0, address@hidden,
    symtab=0xbffe3730, layout=0xbffe35a4, of=0xbff50c0)
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/object.h:628
#6  0x08136086 in gold::Relocate_task::run (this=0xc007af0)
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/reloc.cc:164
#7  0x0818f5bd in gold::Workqueue::find_and_run_task (this=0xbffe3910,
    thread_number=0) at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/workqueue.cc:314
#8  0x0818f736 in gold::Workqueue::process (this=0xbffe3910, thread_number=0)
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/workqueue.cc:480
#9  0x0804b340 in main (argc=37, argv=0xbffe3a14)
    at ../../binutils-2.19.1/gold/main.cc:219

           Summary: gold 2.19.1: internal error in map_to_kept_section, at
           Product: binutils
           Version: 2.19
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: gold
        AssignedTo: ian at airs dot com
        ReportedBy: stefan dot becker at nokia dot com
                CC: bug-binutils at gnu dot org
  GCC host triplet: i686-pc-linux-gnu


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