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[Bug binutils/10263] objdump does not disassemble ARM code entered with

From: nickc at redhat dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/10263] objdump does not disassemble ARM code entered with .word directives
Date: 13 Jun 2009 07:28:40 -0000

------- Additional Comments From nickc at redhat dot com  2009-06-13 07:28 
Hi Mike,

  I was thinking about this problem last night and it occurred to me that there
is a simpler solution.  Rather than adding a new pseudo-op to the assembler why
not just have the disassembler's -D command line switch disassemble data even
when it is found in a code area ?  

  It turned out however that the -D switch was not passed on to the target
specific disassembly backends, so I had to create a new flag to encode the
information.  The result is the uploaded patch.  Please try it out and let me
know what you think.

  By the way with regard to your kernel log sceanario, you might find it easier
to just use the .incbin pseudo-op to include the raw binary values.  This also
has the advantage that the .incbin operation does not set up a local mapping
symbol so the binary values will be disassembled without complaint.


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