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[Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-

From: chris at seberino dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-ARM7TDMI instructions
Date: 18 Jun 2009 03:34:14 -0000

------- Additional Comments From chris at seberino dot org  2009-06-18 03:34 
You were certainly correct to remove certain coprocessor instructions like ldc2
that only belong on later architectures.

I'm not sure we're allowed to remove *all* coprocessor instructions.

Even though many (most?) fielded ARM7TDMIs don't utilize coprocessors or virtual
floating point instructions, I think they are still recognized by ARM7TDMI.

What was your rationale for remove *all* coprocessor instructions?



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