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[Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-

From: chris at seberino dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-ARM7TDMI instructions
Date: 24 Jun 2009 20:14:23 -0000

------- Additional Comments From chris at seberino dot org  2009-06-24 20:14 
mrrc is gone with is good.  strb appears to have gotten worse! I think the new
patch introduced new bugs into strb.  See below.  Also, some hex equivalents
appear to be botched.  See below for that too....

New objdump shows following instructions to be strb but I think they should be
all undefined....

46647659        strbmi  r7, [r4], #-105
77c1cdb4        strbvc  ip, [r1, #212]
e640361f        strb    r3, [r0], #-111

Notice following have incorrect or missing hex equivalents...

4c585ee5        ldclmi  14, cr5, [r8], {229}    ; 0xfffffc6c
d446399e        strble  r3, [r6], #-158
11d87ed1        ldrsbne r7, [r8, #225]
44afa697        strtmi  sl, [pc], #1687 ; 0xb4
d4bf78b4        ldrtle  r7, [pc], #2228 ; 0xf4
bc041350        stclt   3, cr1, [r4], {80}      ; 0xfffffec0




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