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[Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-

From: chris at seberino dot org
Subject: [Bug binutils/10288] "objdump -D --target=binary -m arm7tdmi" shows non-ARM7TDMI instructions
Date: 25 Jun 2009 18:26:11 -0000

------- Additional Comments From chris at seberino dot org  2009-06-25 18:26 
** Incorrect or missing hex equivalents...
(If this is hard to fix and you want to just remove all hex equivalents that
would be fine by me.)

4c585ee5        ldclmi  14, cr5, [r8], {229}    ; 0xfffffc6c
11d87ed1        ldrsbne r7, [r8, #225]
44afa697        strtmi  sl, [pc], #1687 ; 0xb4
d4bf78b4        ldrtle  r7, [pc], #2228 ; 0xf4
bc041350        stclt   3, cr1, [r4], {80}      ; 0xfffffec0

** Notice the very last argument for these 3 strb's are registers.  It doesn't
appear in my ARM ref book for addressing mode 2.  In other words, to the right
of asr, lsl, lsr and ror should only be immediate values.

46647659        strbmi  r7, [r4], -r9, asr r6
e640361f        strb    r3, [r0], -pc, lsl r6
77c1cdb4        strbvc  ip, [r1, r4, lsr sp]

** What did you think of my reasons for replacing floating point aliases like
lfm with the always correct standard names like ldc?  This would apply for
example to this one...

3d9da24e        lfmcc   f2, 1, [sp, #312]       ; 0x138



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