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[Bug binutils/11512] addr2line displays frong filename for GCC app compi

From: dzidzitop at lavabit dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/11512] addr2line displays frong filename for GCC app compiled with -gcoff option
Date: 20 Apr 2010 17:32:27 -0000

------- Additional Comments From dzidzitop at lavabit dot com  2010-04-20 17:32 
Thanks Nick, but the patch is unlikely to help. The bug is in the other binutils
program - addr2line. This patch changes something within the objdump program.
Actually, the bug is somewhere inside the BFD library.

I see now how to create attachments here. I will submit the executable with
reveals the bug.

Addresses to test the behaviour of the addr2line are in the list below (function
names are obtained by means of custom manipulating with BFD):
afc::backtrace(void**, unsigned int) <0x402c97> at dyncast.cc:491
afc::StackTrace::StackTrace() <0x402e92>        at dyncast.cc:527
f() <0x401613>  at dyncast.cc:23
g() <0x401675>  at dyncast.cc:30
main <0x4016f8> at dyncast.cc:34
_onexit <0x4010db>      at dyncast.cc
mainCRTStartup <0x401178>       at dyncast.cc
<unknown> <0x7c817077>  at <unknown source>

Correct file names contain stack_trace_win32.cpp and StackTrace.cpp in the path.

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             Status|WAITING                     |NEW


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