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[Bug gold/12695] Gold fails to link p7zip under GCC 4.6.0 with LTO

From: gmarkhor at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/12695] Gold fails to link p7zip under GCC 4.6.0 with LTO
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 09:50:12 +0000


--- Comment #1 from Markovtsev Vadim <gmarkhor at gmail dot com> 2011-04-25 
09:50:06 UTC ---
Gold fails to link if it is used in LLVM LTO:

llvm-g++ -m64 -O2 -use-gold-plugin -pipe -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64
-DBREAK_HANDLER -DUNICODE -D_UNICODE  -o ../../../../bin/7za  myGetTickCount.o
wine_date_and_time.o myAddExeFlag.o mySplitCommandLine.o BenchCon.o
ConsoleClose.o ExtractCallbackConsole.o List.o Main.o MainAr.o
OpenCallbackConsole.o PercentPrinter.o UpdateCallbackConsole.o UserInputUtils.o
CommandLineParser.o CRC.o IntToString.o ListFileUtils.o StdInStream.o
StdOutStream.o MyString.o StringConvert.o StringToInt.o UTFConvert.o
MyWindows.o MyVector.o Wildcard.o Error.o FileDir.o FileFind.o FileIO.o
FileName.o PropVariant.o PropVariantConversions.o Synchronization.o System.o
Time.o CreateCoder.o CWrappers.o FilePathAutoRename.o FileStreams.o
FilterCoder.o InBuffer.o InOutTempBuffer.o LimitedStreams.o LockedStream.o
MemBlocks.o MethodId.o MethodProps.o OffsetStream.o OutBuffer.o OutMemStream.o
ProgressMt.o ProgressUtils.o StreamBinder.o StreamObjects.o StreamUtils.o
VirtThread.o ArchiveCommandLine.o ArchiveExtractCallback.o
ArchiveOpenCallback.o Bench.o DefaultName.o EnumDirItems.o Extract.o
ExtractingFilePath.o LoadCodecs.o OpenArchive.o PropIDUtils.o SetProperties.o
SortUtils.o TempFiles.o Update.o UpdateAction.o UpdateCallback.o UpdatePair.o
UpdateProduce.o  Bz2Handler.o DeflateProps.o GzHandler.o LzmaHandler.o
PpmdHandler.o SplitHandler.o XzHandler.o ZHandler.o  CoderMixer2.o
CoderMixer2MT.o CrossThreadProgress.o DummyOutStream.o FindSignature.o
HandlerOut.o InStreamWithCRC.o ItemNameUtils.o MultiStream.o OutStreamWithCRC.o
ParseProperties.o 7zCompressionMode.o 7zDecode.o 7zEncode.o 7zExtract.o
7zFolderInStream.o 7zFolderOutStream.o 7zHandler.o 7zHandlerOut.o 7zHeader.o
7zIn.o 7zOut.o 7zProperties.o 7zSpecStream.o 7zUpdate.o 7zRegister.o
CabBlockInStream.o CabHandler.o CabHeader.o CabIn.o CabRegister.o  TarHandler.o
TarHandlerOut.o TarHeader.o TarIn.o TarOut.o TarUpdate.o TarRegister.o
ZipAddCommon.o ZipHandler.o ZipHandlerOut.o ZipHeader.o ZipIn.o ZipItem.o
ZipOut.o ZipUpdate.o ZipRegister.o Bcj2Coder.o Bcj2Register.o BcjCoder.o
BcjRegister.o BitlDecoder.o BranchCoder.o BranchMisc.o BranchRegister.o
ByteSwap.o BZip2Crc.o BZip2Decoder.o BZip2Encoder.o BZip2Register.o CopyCoder.o
CopyRegister.o Deflate64Register.o DeflateDecoder.o DeflateEncoder.o
DeflateRegister.o DeltaFilter.o ImplodeDecoder.o ImplodeHuffmanDecoder.o
Lzma2Decoder.o Lzma2Encoder.o Lzma2Register.o LzmaDecoder.o LzmaEncoder.o
LzmaRegister.o LzOutWindow.o Lzx86Converter.o LzxDecoder.o PpmdDecoder.o
PpmdEncoder.o PpmdRegister.o PpmdZip.o QuantumDecoder.o ShrinkDecoder.o
ZDecoder.o  7zAes.o 7zAesRegister.o HmacSha1.o MyAes.o Pbkdf2HmacSha1.o
RandGen.o Sha1.o WzAes.o ZipCrypto.o ZipStrong.o  7zStream.o Aes.o Alloc.o
Bra.o Bra86.o BraIA64.o BwtSort.o Delta.o HuffEnc.o LzFind.o LzFindMt.o
Lzma2Dec.o Lzma2Enc.o LzmaDec.o LzmaEnc.o MtCoder.o Ppmd7.o Ppmd7Dec.o
Ppmd7Enc.o Ppmd8.o Ppmd8Dec.o Ppmd8Enc.o Sha256.o Sort.o Threads.o Xz.o
XzCrc64.o XzDec.o XzEnc.o XzIn.o 7zCrc.o 7zCrcOpt.o -s -lpthread
/.../bin/ld.gold: internal error in symtab_section, at ../../gold/layout.h:684

So this is likely not a bug in GCC.

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