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[Bug gold/12910] gold doesn't create .init_array from .ctors

From: roland at gnu dot org
Subject: [Bug gold/12910] gold doesn't create .init_array from .ctors
Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 07:53:07 +0000


--- Comment #1 from Roland McGrath <roland at gnu dot org> 2011-06-18 07:53:05 
UTC ---
This turns out to matter more than I thought.  In a -nostartfiles link, there
is no crtbegin* and no .init, just .ctors.  With GNU ld, this produces
.init_array in the output and works.  With gold, .ctors is a vanilla rodata
output section, and there is no DT_INIT{,_ARRAY} at all, constructors do not

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