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Re: binutils-2.21.53 bugs

From: Tristan Gingold
Subject: Re: binutils-2.21.53 bugs
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 17:53:21 +0200

On Sep 26, 2011, at 5:42 PM, Nick Clifton wrote:

> Hi Tristan,
>> I think that currently we always use i18n macro _("xx") for all our strings 
>> - or we are supposed to.
>> As you have noticed, this is sometimes useless, particularly when the string 
>> is not subject to
>> translation.
>> Maintainers, must we not use _() macro for non-translatable string ?
>> I don't know if there was such a rule, but this is not clear at least to me.
> Actually there is a rule, or at least a guidance:
> http://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#Internationalization
>  Using GNU gettext involves putting a call to the
>  gettext macro around each string that might need
>  translation—like this:
>  printf (gettext ("Processing file `%s'..."));
> Ie, "gettext()" or its abbreviation "_()" should only be used for strings 
> that might need translation.  Where translation is unnecessary, it should not 
> be used.

Ok, thanks.  I should read standards.texi more often.
I will propose a patch to fix many of them.


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