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[Bug gold/13362] internal error in value_from_output_section, at ../../g

From: jrnieder at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/13362] internal error in value_from_output_section, at ../../gold/reloc.cc:1549 on armel
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011 04:09:30 +0000


--- Comment #8 from Jonathan Nieder <jrnieder at gmail dot com> 2011-11-10 
04:09:30 UTC ---
Jonathan Nieder wrote:

> | $ make check
> [...]
> | g++ -W -Wall    -Werror -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 
> -fmerge-constants -g -O2 -Bgcctestdir/  -o tls_test tls_test.o 
> tls_test_file2.o tls_test_main.o tls_test_c.o -lpthread -lz 
> | collect2: ld terminated with signal 7 [Bus error]

More precisely:

| Program received signal SIGBUS, Bus error.
| 0x000841ac in rel<32> (value=32, view=0x2eb938 "0.,") at reloc.h:333
| 333         elfcpp::Swap<valsize, big_endian>::writeval(wv, x + value);


  #0  rel<32> at reloc.h:333
  #1  rel32 at reloc.h:569
  #2  relocate_tls at arm.cc:9376
  #3  (anonymous namespace)::Target_arm<false>::Relocate::relocate at
  #4  relocate_section<32, false, {anonymous}::Target_arm<false>, 9,
       at target-reloc.h:385
  #5  (anonymous namespace)::Target_arm<false>::relocate_section at arm.cc:9478
  #6  gold::Sized_relobj_file<32, false>::do_relocate_sections at reloc.cc:1013
  #7  (anonymous namespace)::Arm_relobj<false>::do_relocate_sections
       at arm.cc:6471
  #8  relocate_sections at object.h:2337
  #9  gold::Sized_relobj_file<32, false>::do_relocate at reloc.cc:670
 #10  relocate at object.h:1074
 #11  gold::Relocate_task::run at reloc.cc:239
 #12  gold::Workqueue::find_and_run_task at workqueue.cc:319

Worth a separate report?

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