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[Bug gold/13365] "Fold" functions that only jump to some other one

From: ian at airs dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/13365] "Fold" functions that only jump to some other one
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2011 23:30:39 +0000


--- Comment #1 from Ian Lance Taylor <ian at airs dot com> 2011-12-19 23:30:39 
UTC ---
Of course one can only do this if there are no comparisons of function
pointers.  And that means that it can only be done if the symbols are not
visible outside the executable/shared library, or if linking statically.

It requires analyzing the section contents at each eligible symbol, which is a
relatively slow operation.

Do you have any statistics suggesting that it will be worth it?  I.e., how many
such functions are there in a typical executable?

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