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[Bug ld/13600] protected visibility creates bogus relocation

From: bugdal at aerifal dot cx
Subject: [Bug ld/13600] protected visibility creates bogus relocation
Date: Mon, 28 May 2012 15:27:40 +0000


Rich Felker <bugdal at aerifal dot cx> changed:

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--- Comment #14 from Rich Felker <bugdal at aerifal dot cx> 2012-05-28 15:27:40 
UTC ---
Binutils' 2.17 ld did not have this issue; it accepted the relocations and
generated working binaries (albeit with the function pointer mismatch issue,
which is a GCC issue, not binutils' responsibility). I think rejecting
semantically valid ELF relocations solely for the purpose of preventing
potentially-buggy code generated by GCC from getting linked is bad policy, and
the behavior should be reverted. GCC can be fixed to lookup protected function
pointers through the GOT, and perhaps even add a new visibility variant for the
old behavior (which is highly desirable if you don't intend to pass function
pointers in and out of the library).

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