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Segfault in objdump?

From: Barret Rhoden
Subject: Segfault in objdump?
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2013 10:21:16 -0700

Hi - 

objdump 2.23.1 seems to segfault when called with -S on a large binary,
when called from a Makefile that modifies one of its 'include' files.

It does not fail on a simple hello-world binary.  It does not fail if
we do not have -S (-d works).  It does not fail if the Makefile doesn't
modify a file that it includes.

Here's a test makefile:

# Force olderfile to be newer than newerfile, 
# to trigger the newerfile: target.
dummy-1 := $(shell touch olderfile)

FILE ?= akaros-kernel

# This maketarget fails with the kernel binary
        objdump -S $(FILE) > $(FILE).asm

# This one succeeds
        objdump -d $(FILE) > $(FILE).asm

        rm -f *.asm

newerfile: olderfile
        @touch $@

include newerfile

Here's the failure message:

/bin/sh: line 1: 27981 Segmentation fault      objdump -S akaros-kernel
> akaros-kernel.asm 
make: *** [source] Error 139

Is this something triggered by the Makefile?  Or is -S having issues
with files being updated concurrently?  Or something particular about
the binary?

The pattern of including files that get modified is the same as is done
with Linux's kbuild/kconfig with auto.conf and .config.  You can
replicate this bug by putting the objdump targets on the same binary in
Linux's makefile and running $ touch .config ; make source.

I uploaded the test programs and large binary here: (7MB compressed)



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