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Problems in as.1

From: esr
Subject: Problems in as.1
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 01:13:51 -0400 (EDT)

This is automatically generated email about markup problems in a man
page for which you appear to be responsible.  If you are not the right
person or list, please tell me so I can correct my database.

See http://catb.org/~esr/doclifter/bugs.html for details on how and
why these patches were generated.  Feel free to email me with any
questions.  Note: These patches do not change the modification date of
any manual page.  You may wish to do that by hand.

I apologize if this message seems spammy or impersonal. The volume of
markup bugs I am tracking is over five hundred - there is no real
alternative to generating bugmail from a database and template.

                             Eric S. Raymond
Problems with as.1:

Your Synopsis is exceptionally creative.  Unfortunately, that means
it cannot be translated to structural markup even when things like
running-text inclusions have been moved elswhere.

This page was generated from some sort of non-man markup.  Please
fix the upstream markup so that it generates a well-formed
manual page with the indicated corrections.

--- as.1-unpatched      2013-05-25 18:46:51.108097201 -0400
+++ as.1        2013-05-25 18:46:50.228097218 -0400
@@ -151,6 +151,7 @@
 \&\fITarget AArch64 options:\fR
 \&\fITarget Alpha options:\fR
    [\fB\-mdebug\fR | \fB\-no\-mdebug\fR]

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