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[Bug binutils/15920] <bfd.h> not suitable as a general-purpose header

From: raphael.manfredi at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/15920] <bfd.h> not suitable as a general-purpose header
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2013 15:33:34 +0000


--- Comment #3 from Raphael Manfredi <raphael.manfredi at gmail dot com> ---
Why limit the audience of the library?  I fail to see the point of requiring
people to go through contorsions to be able to use it when all you need to do
is generate a "bfd.h" header clean of any dependency?

Since that file is generated, it's not so much a hassle to do, and it is done
ONCE instead of having all the customers painfully work around all the safety
you are putting in place.

I am developing a general-purpose library for which BFD is a much-needed piece.
 I do not use "autoconf" for configuring my library, I am using "metaconfig". 
Therefore, my compiling environment is not that of an auto-configured package.

The point is not that MinGW should or should not include BFD, the point is to
make sure BFD remains a library that can be used by other packages. It will
always require some care, but that is true of all non-trivial libraries. 
However, my main argument is that it should not be artificially made a pain to
work with.

I fail to see the rationale of making BFD hard to reuse in other packages.

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