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BFD symbols resolution error ?

From: hakril lse
Subject: BFD symbols resolution error ?
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2013 14:13:19 +0200


I am working on an Elf64 parser to find symbol.
Im working on 'libc.so' and found some strange things about how
objdump/gdb resolve the PLT symbols.

Here is what I get from my own parser:

# Plt addr for 'realloc'
>>> get_symbol_addr('realloc')
# Got addr for 'realloc'
>>> get_symbol_addr('realloc.got')

Here is what objdump find:

000000000001f490 <address@hidden>:
1f490:    ff 25 82 4b 38 00    jmpq   *0x384b82(%rip)  # 3a4018

# So I have differents values:
#               me           |  objdump
#  PLT :      0x1f4b0  |  0x1f490
#  GOT :  0x3a4028  |  0x3a4018

But Here is the infos from readelf about the GOT reloc :
Objdump rela.plt info :

# It seems to be same offset that mine.
000003a4028  01e800000007 R_X86_64_JUMP_SLO 000000000007c110 realloc + 0

Even weirder !
Info extracted from GDB:

(gdb) info proc map
0x7ffff7a33000     0x7ffff7bd4000   0x1a1000        0x0 /usr/lib/libc-2.18.so

# Let's disas MY 'realloc' PLT entry.
(gdb) x/i 0x7ffff7a33000 + 0x1f4b0
0x7ffff7a524b0 <address@hidden>:    jmpq   *0x384b72(%rip)
# 0x7ffff7dd7028

# __tls_get_addr : it seems I was wrong : but let's follow the GOT !
(gdb) x/gx 0x7ffff7dd7028
0x7ffff7dd7028: 0x00007ffff7aaf110

# (following the GOT)
(gdb) x/i 0x00007ffff7aaf110
   0x7ffff7aaf110 <realloc>:    push   %r15

So, according to GDB, the PLT entry <address@hidden> resolve into <realloc>.
It seems to be a bug in BFD.
If I am missing something: please tell me.


Clement "Hakril" Rouault

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