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Re: turn off section padding

From: nick clifton
Subject: Re: turn off section padding
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 08:43:55 +0100
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Hi Peter,

It sees that as likes to pad sections so that they're multiples of 32 bytes.

Actually I think that the alignment is 16 bytes rather than 32 bytes, but anyway...

Is there a way to avoid this??

  Two possible alternatives:

1. Configure your binutils for an ELF target, not linux or something else. eg: "mipsisa32-elf".

2. Do not use the ,text, .data and .bss section names. Instead use some other names (eg .text.noalign) and then have the linker script map these sections onto the appropriate .text. .data or .bss section at link time.

FYI. The reason for this behaviour is described in the source code. See gas/config/tc-mips.c:md_begin().


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