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bug in binutils master specific to msp430-elf

From: Peter Bigot
Subject: bug in binutils master specific to msp430-elf
Date: Sun, 1 Jun 2014 19:54:58 -0500

I build msp430-elf toolchains using the latest material in the
gcc-4_9-branch of gcc, master of binutils, and master of newlib.  In
what follows I've set RHINC to point to the include directory from
GCC_RH-20140508  that has the headers and linker scripts.

There is a fault in binutils introduced at 77ac17b8 which causes
msp430-elf-ld to fail to link applications.  I get this behavior:

llc[186]$ cat x.c
#include <msp430.h>

void main (void)

llc[187]$ /usr/local/msp430-elf-dev-20140601h/bin/msp430-elf-gcc
-mmcu=msp430f5438a -I${RHINC} -T${RHINC}/msp430f5438a.ld x.c

llc[188]$ /usr/local/msp430-elf-dev-20140601j/bin/msp430-elf-gcc
-mmcu=msp430f5438a -I${RHINC} -T${RHINC}/msp430f5438a.ld x.c
target  not found
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

The second produces a diagnostic from open_output in ld/ldlang.c where
output_target is an empty string.

The only difference between these two chains is the version of binutils:

llc[189]$  cat /usr/local/msp430-elf-dev-20140601h/.sha1.binutils
llc[190]$  cat /usr/local/msp430-elf-dev-20140601j/.sha1.binutils

A cursory look at the commit doesn't explain why this might happen,
unless msp430 requires that ${GENSCRIPTS} be invoked for some reason.

77ac17b8453f60adabaa8931930e2bbe0499757d is the first bad commit
commit 77ac17b8453f60adabaa8931930e2bbe0499757d
Author: Hans-Peter Nilsson <address@hidden>
Date:   Wed May 28 18:20:16 2014 +0200

    ld: Split GENSCRIPTS rule from dependencies to fix tdir_'s.

        * Makefile.am: Change all rules with ${GENSCRIPTS}
        invocations to be just dependencies.
        (run-genscripts): New rules.
        * Makefile.in: Regenerate.

:040000 040000 bd02f74300dab8958bc24165a23661e0d939889f
388df7b3ae54aabf53d35973a09bcc94fa1f91b5 M      ld

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