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[Bug gold/20238] error: undefined reference to '__cxa_finalize'

From: jorgeayrespereira at hotmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/20238] error: undefined reference to '__cxa_finalize'
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 15:34:55 +0000


--- Comment #43 from Jorge Ayres Pereira <jorgeayrespereira at hotmail dot com> 
Got an idea. What if I try revert and rebuild the rom to see which is the
commit causing this. Do you think it'll help you out on reporting?

We have only 3 commits so I should in 2 hours be able to find which one is.
What do you think?

enable -Wwrite-strings for gas  …

Don't override definition a shared object by one in a later shared ob…  …

Fix failure to diagnose GOTOFF relocation to undef symbol in shared l…  …

Big thanks for all the patience!

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