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[Bug gas/20247] AVR/ARM align causes unnecessary padding of segment

From: bg at nerilex dot org
Subject: [Bug gas/20247] AVR/ARM align causes unnecessary padding of segment
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2016 17:00:05 +0000


--- Comment #5 from bg at nerilex dot org ---

I just found out myself last night ;-).

Also I just posted a patch I wrote. Currently I'm running my own branch () at
https://c0de.pw/bg/binutils-gdb .

I just tested the binary version of as for ARM I have and it again produces the
unexpected behavior. It Identifies itself as "GNU assembler (2.25-5+5+b1)

I use the following command:

> arm-none-eabi-as -o arm-test.o test.S

I just saw that MSP430 is affected in the same way as AVR.

On my current target list are the following microcontroller architectures:

 * avr (ATmega128)
 * arm (Cortex-M3)
 * msp430

I completely agree, that this is a per target issue. But for the named targets
I see no reason for this padding. I currently also do not understand why
padding of the section depends on an alignment specified to align data

Thanks :-)

(btw. good work!)

~  bg

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