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[Bug gold/20290] New: --section-ordering-file can be very slow

From: hjl.tools at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gold/20290] New: --section-ordering-file can be very slow
Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 12:01:14 +0000


            Bug ID: 20290
           Summary: --section-ordering-file can be very slow
           Product: binutils
           Version: 2.27 (HEAD)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: gold
          Assignee: ccoutant at gmail dot com
          Reporter: hjl.tools at gmail dot com
                CC: ian at airs dot com
  Target Milestone: ---

Gold has

unsigned int
Layout::find_section_order_index(const std::string& section_name)
  Unordered_map<std::string, unsigned int>::iterator map_it;
  map_it = this->input_section_position_.find(section_name);
  if (map_it != this->input_section_position_.end())
    return map_it->second;

  // Absolute match failed.  Linear search the glob patterns.
  std::vector<std::string>::iterator it;
  for (it = this->input_section_glob_.begin();
       it != this->input_section_glob_.end();
       if (fnmatch((*it).c_str(), section_name.c_str(), FNM_NOESCAPE) == 0)
           map_it = this->input_section_position_.find(*it);
           gold_assert(map_it != this->input_section_position_.end());
           return map_it->second;
  return 0;

When there are 6211 sections in section ordering file and 7187124
input sections which aren't on the section ordering list, it takes
gold more than 3 hours to process these inputs on a fast machine.

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