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[Bug ld/20317] Segmentation fault in ld; invalid write in bfd_section_fr

From: dpovey at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/20317] Segmentation fault in ld; invalid write in bfd_section_from_shdr
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2016 01:32:49 +0000


--- Comment #2 from Dan Povey <dpovey at gmail dot com> ---
OK, it looks like this problem might have been resolved in more recent versions
of binutils.
I see that the code is now:

 2289   if (sections_being_created && sections_being_created_abfd == abfd)
 2290     sections_being_created [shindex] = FALSE;

while it used to read just:

  if (sections_being_created)
    sections_being_created [shindex] = FALSE;

... and this change would have fixed the bug.  
I think it would make sense, though, to backport the bug-fix to older versions
of binutils-- if that's something that you do.

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