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[Bug binutils/20464] hppa-linux-gnu-ranlib: libcpp.a: File format not re

From: amodra at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug binutils/20464] hppa-linux-gnu-ranlib: libcpp.a: File format not recognized
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 01:07:12 +0000


--- Comment #16 from Alan Modra <amodra at gmail dot com> ---
Ah, mips64 or s390x needed to be added to the target list.

I think the part of HJ's patch that forces SYM64 archives due to the mere
presence of mips64 or s390x in the --enable-targets list ought to be reverted. 
As far as I can tell, this won't break mips64 or s390x.  If any 64-bit target
actually needs a 64-bit armap due to archive size exceeding 4G, then you'll get
that.  Also, note that binutils-2.25 and binutils-2.26 created archives with
32-bit armaps for mips64 and s390x if plugins were enabled.

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