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[Bug ld/21000] hppa-linux does not support -z relro

From: dave.anglin at bell dot net
Subject: [Bug ld/21000] hppa-linux does not support -z relro
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 02:29:49 +0000


--- Comment #15 from dave.anglin at bell dot net ---
On 2017-02-12, at 8:34 PM, amodra at gmail dot com wrote:

> https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=21000
> --- Comment #14 from Alan Modra <amodra at gmail dot com> ---
> I obviously didn't understand the alias problem..  If I am grasping it
> correctly now, is the complaint about INEQUIVALENT ALIASES really that in the
> following load map from a trivial -z relro main.c we have file offsets in the
> same page?
>  LOAD           0x000000 0x00010000 0x00010000 0x00898 0x00898 R E 0x1000
>  LOAD           0x000f20 0x00011f20 0x00011f20 0x0014c 0x0015c RWE 0x1000

Yes, I believe that is correct.  I think the file offsets need to be page
aligned so that the
segments don't overlap when they are mapped to virtual addresses.  In a general
we can't have two different cache lines mapping to the same location in
physical memory,
particularly when they are both writeable.

This is what we have without the option:

  Type           Offset   VirtAddr   PhysAddr   FileSiz MemSiz  Flg Align
  PHDR           0x000034 0x00010034 0x00010034 0x000c0 0x000c0 R E 0x4
  INTERP         0x0000f4 0x000100f4 0x000100f4 0x0000d 0x0000d R   0x1
      [Requesting program interpreter: /lib/ld.so.1]
  LOAD           0x000000 0x00010000 0x00010000 0x0094c 0x0094c R E 0x1000
  LOAD           0x001000 0x00011000 0x00011000 0x00188 0x00198 RWE 0x1000
  DYNAMIC        0x001028 0x00011028 0x00011028 0x000d8 0x000d8 RW  0x4

> In which case the fix for this will involve changing
> assign_file_positions_for_load_sections

John David Anglin       address@hidden

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