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[Bug ld/20244] ld fails to handle "op $imm, address@hidden"

From: bugs at moronic dot technology
Subject: [Bug ld/20244] ld fails to handle "op $imm, address@hidden"
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 2017 10:20:04 +0000


--- Comment #7 from Dopıng <bugs at moronic dot technology> ---

It looks like this change breaks the Oracle 12.1 client installation. While
trying to install the 32-bit Oracle client on a 64-bit SUSE SLES 12 SP2
machine, we got

[...]/ld: [...]/product/121/lib/libnls12.a(lxecg2e.o): direct GOT relocation
R_386_GOT32 against `lxecerr' without base register can not be used when making
a shared object

After replacing GNU ld version "GNU ld (GNU Binutils; SUSE Linux Enterprise 12)
2.26.1" with the "GNU ld (GNU Binutils; SUSE Linux Enterprise 11) 2.21.1"
version from an older SLES machine, the Oracle client installation worked fine.

Any idea what the heck Oracle is doing wrong in creating the object files for
archives like libnls12.a? (These archives have file modification dates from
2014, so they’re not build during installation.)

Kind Regards,

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