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[Bug ld/21132] [hppa-linux] pie support doesn't work

From: dave.anglin at bell dot net
Subject: [Bug ld/21132] [hppa-linux] pie support doesn't work
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 03:02:29 +0000


--- Comment #4 from dave.anglin at bell dot net ---
On 2017-02-14, at 9:41 PM, amodra at gmail dot com wrote:

> Now that we do define $global$ in elf32_hppa_set_gp, the DATA_START_SYMBOLS
> define should disappear, probably.  I'll leave that patch to you, Dave.

Okay, I'll test removing it.

In the main description, you will see that _start is 0x41000528.  It appears
that "DATA_ADDR=0x40000000"
in scripttempl/hppaelf.sc is influencing the position of pie executables.  I
suspect we need a different value/define
for pie.

John David Anglin       address@hidden

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