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[Bug ld/21498] New: ld test failuires

From: hjl.tools at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug ld/21498] New: ld test failuires
Date: Wed, 17 May 2017 13:21:32 +0000


            Bug ID: 21498
           Summary: ld test failuires
           Product: binutils
           Version: 2.28
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: ld
          Assignee: unassigned at sourceware dot org
          Reporter: hjl.tools at gmail dot com
  Target Milestone: ---
            Target: cris-elf

I got

FAIL: ld-cris/dso-pltdis1
FAIL: ld-cris/dso-pltdis2
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-10
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-11
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-12
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-12b
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-12c
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-13
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-13b
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-14
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-15
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-15b
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-1c
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-1d
FAIL: ld-cris/libdso-2
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-dso-dtpoffd2
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-dso-dtpoffd4
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-dso-tpoffgotcomm1
FAIL: ld-cris/dso12-pltdis
FAIL: ld-cris/expdyn1
FAIL: ld-cris/expdyn5
FAIL: ld-cris/expdyn6
FAIL: ld-cris/expdyn7
FAIL: ld-cris/gotplt1
FAIL: ld-cris/gotplt2
FAIL: ld-cris/gotplt3
FAIL: ld-cris/pic-gc-72
FAIL: ld-cris/pic-gc-73
FAIL: ld-cris/pv32-1
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-20
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-20a
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-21
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-22
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-23
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-66
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-80
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-dtpoffd1
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-e-dtpoffd3
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gc-71
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gd-1
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gd-1h
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gd-2
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gd-2h
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gd-3
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-gd-3h
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-global-74
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ie-10
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ie-11
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ie-78
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ie-8
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ie-8e1
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ie-9
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-js1
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ld-4
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ld-5
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ld-6
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ld-7
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgd-14
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgd-15
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgde-14
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgde-15
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgdex-14
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgdex-15
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgdx-14
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ldgdx-15
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-le-12
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-le-12s
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-le-13
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-le-13s
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-legd-16
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-legd-17
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-legdx-16
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-legdx-17
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-leie-18
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-leie-19
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-54
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-57
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-58
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-59
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-60
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-61
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-63
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-local-64
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ok-30
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ok-32
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ok-34
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-ok-36
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-und-38
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-und-42
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-und-46
FAIL: ld-cris/tls-und-50
FAIL: ld-cris/weakhiddso
FAIL: ld-cris/weakref2
FAIL: ld-cris/weakref3
FAIL: ld-cris/weakref4

for cris-elf target.

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