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[Bug gas/21683] [avr] Support a pseudo-instruction to allow more efficie

From: gjl at gcc dot gnu.org
Subject: [Bug gas/21683] [avr] Support a pseudo-instruction to allow more efficient GCC ISR prologues
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2017 15:10:35 +0000


--- Comment #1 from Georg-Johann Lay <gjl at gcc dot gnu.org> ---
Created attachment 10232
  --> https://sourceware.org/bugzilla/attachment.cgi?id=10232&action=edit
bin-pr21683-gccisr.diff: Proposed patch.

        PR gas/21683
        * include/opcode/avr.h (AVR_INSN): Add one for __gcc_isr.

        PR gas/21683
        * doc/c-avr.texi (AVR Options) <-mgcc-isr>: Document it.
        (AVR Pseudo Instructions): New node.

        * config/tc-avr.h (md_pre_output_hook): Define to avr_pre_output_hook.
        (md_undefined_symbol): Define to avr_undefined_symbol.
        (avr_pre_output_hook, avr_undefined_symbol): New protos.

        * config/tc-avr.c (struc-symbol.h): Include it.
        (ISR_CHUNK_Done, ISR_CHUNK_Prologue, ISR_CHUNK_Epilogue): New enums.
        (avr_isr, avr_gccisr_opcode)
        (avr_no_sreg_hash, avr_no_sreg): New static variables.
        (avr_opt_s) <have_gccisr>: Add field.
        (avr_opt): Add initializer for have_gccisr.
        (enum options) <OPTION_HAVE_GCCISR>: Add enum.
        (md_longopts) <"mgcc-isr">: Add entry.
        (md_show_usage): Document -mgcc-isr.
        (md_parse_option) [OPTION_HAVE_GCCISR]: Handle it.
        (md_undefined_symbol): Remove.
        (avr_undefined_symbol, avr_pre_output_hook): New fuctions.
        (md_begin) <avr_no_sreg_hash, avr_gccisr_opcode>: Initialize them.
        (avr_operand) <pregno>: Add argument and set *pregno if function
        is called for a register constraint.
        [N]: Handle constraint.
        (avr_operands) <avr_operand>: Pass 5th parameter to calls.
        [avr_opt.have_gccisr]: Call avr_update_gccisr.  Call
        avr_gccisr_operands instead of avr_operands.
        (avr_update_gccisr, avr_emit_insn, avr_patch_gccisr_frag)
        (avr_gccisr_operands, avr_check_gccisr_done): New static functions.

        * testsuite/gas/avr/gccisr-01.d: New test.
        * testsuite/gas/avr/gccisr-01.s: New test.
        * testsuite/gas/avr/gccisr-02.d: New test.
        * testsuite/gas/avr/gccisr-02.s: New test.
        * testsuite/gas/avr/gccisr-03.d: New test.
        * testsuite/gas/avr/gccisr-03.s: New test.

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