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[Bug gold/22042] gold: --help output translation header unexpectedly

From: cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org
Subject: [Bug gold/22042] gold: --help output translation header unexpectedly
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2018 17:06:55 +0000


--- Comment #4 from cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org <cvs-commit at gcc dot 
gnu.org> ---
The binutils-2_30-branch branch has been updated by Cary Coutant


commit 75400e01f206ad383ab15a40e13086c2f9cc795b
Author: Cary Coutant <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Jan 15 10:05:54 2018 -0800

    Fix -fuse-ld option to accept string argument.

    PR 22042 complained that garbage text was being printed in the help
    for the -fuse-ld option; this was caused by passing an empty string
    to the gettext() function, which sometimes returns garbage when passed
    an empty string. The quick fix was to replace "" with NULL as the helparg,
    but that changed the parsing of the option, as gold uses the helparg to
    determine whether an option takes an argument. This patch adds a
    non-empty helparg string to fix both problems.

        PR gold/22694
        * options.h (-fuse-ld): Add correct helparg.

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