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[Bug binutils/23595] "simple objcopy of executable" failure for msp430-e

From: cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org
Subject: [Bug binutils/23595] "simple objcopy of executable" failure for msp430-elf with -mlarge
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2018 08:36:01 +0000


--- Comment #3 from cvs-commit at gcc dot gnu.org <cvs-commit at gcc dot 
gnu.org> ---
The master branch has been updated by Alan Modra <address@hidden>:


commit 2542e49e21e6b7270f72c7be0fc4ff1a986371da
Author: Jozef Lawrynowicz <address@hidden>
Date:   Mon Sep 3 11:04:05 2018 +0930

    PR23595, simple objcopy of executable failure for msp430-elf

    VMA of the first section in the segment containing the ELF file header
    (and possibly section headers too) can't be used to reliably find the
    size of the headers plus padding.  What's really needed is sh_offset
    of the first section assuming it has contents (vma does have a
    relationship to sh_offset, but is only guaranteed in demand paged

    If the first section is SHT_NOBITS and it hasn't been converted to
    have file contents by the existence of a following SHT_PROGBITS
    section in the same segment, the sh_offset value also isn't reliable.

        PR 23595
        elf.c (copy_elf_program_header): When first segment contains
        only the headers and SHT_NOBITS sections, use segment p_filesz
        to calculate header and padding size.  Use filepos of the first
        section otherwise.

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