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[Bug gas/23570] AVR .noinit section defaults to PROGBITS used to be NOBI

From: rauter.gabriel at gmail dot com
Subject: [Bug gas/23570] AVR .noinit section defaults to PROGBITS used to be NOBITS
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2018 15:49:56 +0000


--- Comment #2 from Gabriel Rauter <rauter.gabriel at gmail dot com> ---
Hi Nick,

yes the patch fixes the issue and the .noinit section gets correctly set to
NOBITS. Sadly i can not comment on other special sections since i only
investigated this issue since it broke a popular custom keyboard firmware when
using avr-gcc 8.2. https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/issues/3657

But as far as i can tell the .noinit section is the only one who needs to be
set to NOBITS since the section is part of the .bss section.

I am quiet unsure why gcc stopped setting NOBITS for the .noinit section. They
still warn you when you try to initialize a variable set to the .noinit section
tough. And it looks like they set the bss flags even commenting it should be

Thanks for your help

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